Today's Reflections

Working late last night, I was trying to figure out topics that I need to cover. I found some content that is informitive for teachers and parents who have students and/or children with special needs, information that can be accessed for language arts class, English learner awareness, and I managed to pull out a classroom design chart geared towards education. With this in mind, I am obliged to learn more about differentiated instruction, because this a vital aspect of setting up a classroom and preparing for instruction. Also, if you would like to provide some comments, can post your comments or chat with me. With your feedback, teachers, parents, and I can expand the journal. I believe this will help me and other people interested in education.


I hope to gather more videos and discussions students have related to education. I would like to hear what students are thinking. A learning community has to be aware that students have a voice and they should be able to speak-out on issues like bullying, sex education, school sports, popularity, and provide comments that will help them learn. Students should be able to shape their school environment and students should have the option of being anonymous. In the school grounds and outside school, parents, teachers, and students must understand that bullying is not acceptable. Being different is not grounds for students to bully someone and bullying will persist based on differences. Strong policies against bullying must be implemented. Allow, the leaders of a community to take action and provide guidelines for a safer school environment. This is the right of every student and the educational systems fails, if students live in fear or are disengaged because they are being bullied. Bullying

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´╗┐ Bullying Alert´╗┐!