Collection of ideas for Language Arts Instruction
"Through science a student teacher works hard at making sense of notions, opinions, beliefs, and ideals about education. For example teachers can observe students’ understanding of a text when students are actively discussing what they have read in a literacy circle setting. In my mind I see constructed settings. I am visualizing how all the components such as students, teachers, and books come together. Without the background knowledge that I have acquired in my education classes, I would struggle with the whole idea of literacy circles. Students would not learn."
Language arts instruction requires a variety tools for instruction. Teachers need textbooks, basil reading, library based on stundents' interests. A few instructional tools are list below:
List of essential materials for teaching reading and writing:

  1. Books of different genre
  2. Internet resources
  3. Leveled reading (basal readers)FountasPinnell
  4. Featured books and authors
  5. Story collections

  1. Informational books
  2. Poetry books (variety of levels)
  3. Poetry phrase dictionaries
  4. Dictionaries
  5. Age appropriate magazines
  6. Students can obtain permission to read their own books from bookstores, other local libraries, Borders, Amazon, BN, Kindle, etc.
  7. Books on tape
  8. Dragon Natural Speaking software (must obtain permission from school)
  9. Word walls
  10. Phonics dominos
  11. Classroom letter center
  12. Word walls
  13. Graphic organizers
  14. Time lines
  15. Maps
  16. Letters
  17. Documents
  19. Songs
  20. Essays
  21. Posters
  22. Calligraphy
  23. English/Spanish translators
  24. Reading about math, science, engineering, and art