Technology for Educators:

How will I implement technology in my classroom? Following up on the question, my concern is to focus on ideas that are related to education and technology.  Based on educational theory and fieldwork I will post blogs that keep track of videos and discussions on technology and how it is used in the classroom or outside the classroom.

Below, is a discussion or lecture on education. "Fun" is idea incorporate in the corporate world but teachers must see the importants of "fun" in relations to how it is used to engage students and provide content in a compeling and exciting presentation.

Susan Patrick:

There are some important points that Susan Patrick makes about online education. Further exploration of online education has been posted:edutopia

Using "Movement" in the Classroom:

Movement is important in the classroom and allows students to do a variety activities besides sitting at their desks. Movement can make a difference for students that are bored in the classroom. There is a variety of theory connected with movement but keep in mind to follow up with teachers that apply the concept in the classroom. If you are a parent and would like to make comments I can link you to the website and there you can create an account if you desire to get involved with a variety of topics in education.external image brady-primary-2.jpg