Socrates LessonWe have done our time travel, to Athens, at the time of Socrates' trial. We have witness the people make the decision to sentence him to death. Some of us see his death as a terrible thing that occurred and others see Socrates with scrutinizing eye. I had asked my students to report back to me and provide me with a report of what happened at the trial. Not a book report, but a creative account (the account could be acted out, a museum could be created of the events, or do a news report) of the people at the court, Socrates attitude, the attitude of his accusers, what were the customs, what was the culture like in 399 B.C.E (dress, things, buildings, period). Students had a variety of tools at their desposal through technology; for example, students could use concept maps, act out the event, report back the event by sitting at a desk like a news report, create a museum for other students to walk through. I think this is great unit lesson and takes a few class to accomplish. To understand the the lesson you can access my Zunal page. ZunalSocrates

Socrates VoicethreadStudents can create picture shows using audio and video motion pictures. The lesson can be fun and exciting because students can use a camera to record what happened (using props or pictures) during the trial.Here is example of a voicethread which I created, taking the role of a student.