Smartboard 5 Minute LessonMy professor showed the INTC class how to use SMARTBoard today. The technology is interactive, allowing students to learn visually using illustrations, Google maps and interactive theater. Students comfortable with dragging items on the board can move them to match a correct answer. Students can learn spelling using the various tools and application in SMARTBoard.

Every student was asked to create a five minute lesson using SMARTBoard. My lesson was on acrostic poetry. Students had to express their feelings about certain colors and write a description on the blank box. Students can use the their fingers to write out the word or words, or they use one of the interactive pens to write the word. The neat thing about doing this lesson is that students can go to the color wheel and pick their favorite color and use the color to come up a work of poetry. Normally, with acrostic poems, students are encourage to use each letter of the word to come up with a sentence. Although, teachers can be more flexible and allow students to come up with anything to describe their feelings about a particular color. Below, there is an outline of what I will showed the class. Hope this is helpful.