Should Schools Invest in IPad 2 or Not?

I do not have an IPad, but I am looking to invest in one. I have not tested
one out yet, but I have seen it being used in school. The school computer
technition was using one and I saw how quickly he manuver the applications
and got the computer projector to work. Email me at
I would appreciate your feedback.

Watching this video has shown me lots of possibilities IPad has for education. With the Ipad elementary students can practice writing letters. Students who are visual learners can see the image and rotate the image. For college students books can be compressed and made available at their finger tips. I can see how personalize an the IPad be.

The next video will give you some ideas of techniques of reading books such as highlighting and looking up words to expanding on understanding. Keep in mind that definitions should be user friendly; therefore, a teacher should provide student friendly definitions. Another, point I like to make is that it has a journal application that is similar to a paper journal, where you can jot down notes or creative ideas. This is feature is a plus! Consider, the capabilities of reading hundreds of books, jotting notes, and recording what you say. What an excellent advantage.